Wine Thief: Stainless Steel / Suction Bulb

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Product Description

    • This wine thief is made of solid stainless steel, with a rubber suction blub.

    • It can quickly and easily extract a test sample of either your wine or beer.

    • The wine thief is very handy for filling your hydrometer test jar.

    • It also works well for taking smaller samples. Like those needed for running an acid or iodine test.

    • It's safe to use on high-alcohol samples. Won't melt or deteriorate.

    • You can even use it on high-heat samples. Like those needed when mashing your beer.

    • Maximum diameter of the wine thief's tube is 7/8".

    • Small enough to fit in the opening of wooden barrels, carboys, fermentation buckets, etc.

    • The wine thief also has a long reach. It's overall length with bulb is 18".

  • The stainless steel tube, by itself, is 15-3/4" long.