Vinbrite Wine Filter Pads

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Product Description

(FLT150) These wine filter pads are to be used with our Vinbrite Filter System. They come in a package of 6 pads which is sufficient for 6 filtrations. Each filter pad is sufficient for filtering up to 2 gallons of wine. These pads are 6" in diameter. We recommend fining your wine with Bentonite or similar before filtration.




Q Richard (Newcomb, NY)
I am curious as to the micron size of the Vinebrite Filter Pads.
These wine filter pads are 6 microns.

Q Josh (Alexander, AR)
How many gallons will one Vinebrite Filter Pad filter?
One Vinebrite Filter Pad will filter about 1-2 gallons of wine. You only use one pad in the Vinebrite Filter System at a time.

Q Tony (Bent, NM)
I am a little confused. I ordered the Vinbrite filter pads from your website for my Vinbrite filter. The filter pads that I received say they are Crystalbrite pads. Will these work with my Vinbrite system? 
We apologize for any confusion. The Crystalbrite filter pads are the correct pads for the Vinbrite Filter. They are listed on our website as Vinbrite Filters so that customers will know which pads to order for that filtering system.