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Product Description

(FLV610) Still Spirits of New Zealand offers a full range of flavor essences in the style of the world`s most famous liqueurs. They are remarkably close to the real thing.

Top Shelf Extracts Are Easy To Use
Each 1.7 ounce bottle of flavor essence comes with complete directions for making either 40 ozs. of cordial lIqueur or 80 ozs. of hard liquor depending on the type. Just pick out your favorites and add additional Liqueur Bases as required to match intended styles. See the notation after each flavor under "Options":

A = Liqueur Base A
B = Liqueur Base B
C = Liqueur Base C
1 = Schnapps Base
2 = Cream Liqueur Base

Note: Some flavors do not require a Liqueur Base of any kind. Those are notated by empty brackets [ ].

Click Here To order the appropriate liqueur bases.

Just mix all of the ingredients together with either 80 proof Vodka or Grain Alcohol and it`s ready to drink, instantly.

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Q Jean (Passaic, NJ)
I see that you offer the flavorings for liquors, but not specifically for wine or beer. Are these able to be used in this way?
Yes, you can use the liqueur flavorings in your wine. Several of our customers do that.