Three Spout Bottle Filler

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Product Description

(RK760) Allows the individual home wine maker or small winery to efficiently fill wine bottles at a surprisingly fast rate. Perfect for bottling 50 to 500 gallons. Efficient gravity-feed reservoir system allows you to consistently fill each bottle to the same exact level. Just start the flow of your wine through the back entry shut-off valve. Put a bottle over the filling rod and push down to start the flow. Stands 20" tall. Body is made of durable steel. Filling rods are made of stainless steel. Makes bottling seem like an insignificant task.

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Q Jim (Vermilion, OH)
How does the filler work? Does the filler work on a pressure idea...that is, as you continue to push on the bottle, the wine is forced into the bottle....OR... Is it a siphon idea that causes the wine to enter the bottles? I assume that there is no electric motor involved?
It is more of a siphon idea. When you press down on the bottling rod, you are releasing a flap or door which then allows the wine to enter the bottle. When you let up on the filling rod, the flap closes, stopping the wine flow in the bottle. It is not motorized.

Q Jason (Tampa, FL)
How many gallons does the reservior/holding tank hold?
It holds two gallons.

Q Evan (Conyers, GA)
What size of hose fits the barbed inlet of the three spout bottle filler?
5/8 inch hose fits the barbed inlet of the 3 spout bottle filler.