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Product Description

[BKH200] This well constructed wine making book is ideal as a beginning winemaker's first or second book. It is concisely written, to the point, and in a writing style that is very easy to digest. The book is broken into sections based on either making wine from kits, concentrates, fresh juices, or fresh grapes. It also includes a chapter on making sparkling and fortified wines such as port or sherry. This wine making book also has plenty of wine recipes to get you going throughout its pages — well over 100, in fact. The book concludes with a troubleshooting guide and has several appendixes for later reference. In summary, this wine making book gives a detailed overview of the wine making process from several points-of-view. It easily acts as a beginners guide or as a helpful refresher between batches, and does so with a huge helping of wine recipes. 288 pages.