Tank Plug O-Ring: Ball-Lock

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Product Description

  • Use this O-ring to replace the worn-out ones on your ball-lock soda kegs.

  • This tank plug O-ring fits all ball-lock home brew kegs.

  • It fits both the gas side and liquid side.

  • They are very easy to replace. And are inexpensive.

  • It a simple way to make sure your soda kegs don't start leaking.

  • Eventually, tank plug O-rings will become worn, cracked and dried out.

  • This normal wear and aging at some point will start to cause you problems with your soda keg.

  • Also, if you have purchased used soda kegs, the O-rings can smell like soda pop.

  • No more than they cost, we always recommend replacing them when they are in question.

  • We also recommend always having at least a couple extra tank plug O-rings on hand, just in case.