Sanke Beer Tap: D-System (American)

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Product Description

  • This is a D-System Sanke beer tap, also known as an American Sanke.

  • It allows you to tap a commercial keg to your home draft system.

  • It fits all the major brand and most American microbrews.

  • Compatible with: Anheuser, Miller, Coors, Killians, Sam Adams, Pete's, Molson, Labatt, Moosehead and many, many others.

  • This beer tap is very easy to use. Just pull out on the handle. Then push it down. And you're done.

  • It utilizes a patented locking feature that allows you to attach/detach the tap cleanly and smoothly, with no beer spray.

  • The Sanke beer tap has a high-capacity pressure relief valve that blows off excess pressure at 55 pounds.

  • The pressure relief valve also can be manually released by pulling on the valve ring.

  • The Sanke tap also has a ball check-valve. This makes sure your beer does not accidentally go up your gas line.

  • Just clamp down your hoses to the barbs, and you're ready to go.

  • The body is made of chrome-plated brass and is very durable and long-lasting.

  • Come completely apart for cleaning and long-term maintenance.