Propane Burner: Outdoor Patio Stove

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Product Description

    • Puts out 55,000 BTU, perfect for boiling 5 or 10 gallons of wort.

    • Hot enough to bring 5 gallons to a boil in 10 to 15 minutes.

    • The design is very sturdy and stable.

    • It has a 16" x 16" square cooking surface. Big enough for a 15 gallon brew pot.

    • It has an overall height of 13-1/4".

    • The frame consist of one-piece, Heavy-duty welded steel. Very solid construction.

    • Incorporated into the design is a 360° windscreen shield.

    • It will keep heat on the brew pot and not blowing away.

    • The burner is made of heavy cast iron and is 6" in diameter.

    • The propane regulator that is included is adjustable up to 10 psi.

    • The needle valve on the regulator gives you fine control over the amount of heat the burner is putting out.

    • Go from barely a simmer to a blasting flame.

    • The regulator comes with a 36" stainless braided hose.

    • Includes a complete manual for assembly and proper use.

  • Designed for use outdoors, only.