Pressure Relief Valve: Pin-Lock / Firestone

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Product Description

    • This is a new, replacement pressure relief valve that fits almost all pin-lock soda kegs.

    • The pressure relief valve is located near the center of the soda keg's lid.

    • From time to time these valves can become worn and need to be replaced.

    • This pressure relief valve fits the Firestone pin-lock kegs that are screwed in from the bottom of the lid.

    • A pressure relief valve is designed to allow excess pressure to escape from your soda keg.

    • The excess pressure will automatically escape if the pressure level in the keg becomes too high.

    • They are very easy to install.

    • You simply unscrew the old one and screw the new one in.

    • The new, replacement pressure relief valve should last you for many, many years.

  • Please compare your pressure relief valve to the one pictured to make sure you are ordering the correct one.