Pressure Relief Valve: Ball-Lock / Cornelius-Style Keg

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Product Description

    • This is a new, replacement pressure relief valve that fits most Cornelius-style soda kegs.

    • The pressure relief valve is located near the center of the soda keg's lid.

    • From time to time these valves can become worn and need to be replaced.

    • This pressure relief valve fits: A.E.B. | Cornelius Spartan | Cornelius Super Champion | Firestone V Challenger | Firestone VI Challenger | Firestone Super Challenger.

    • A pressure relief valve is designed to allow excess pressure to escape from your soda keg. They will start releasing around 50 P.S.I. and typically will be fully open by 60 P.S.I.

    • The excess pressure will automatically escape if the pressure level in the keg becomes too high.

    • The pressure relief valve also has a pull-ring that will allow you to manually release pressure at any time.

    • They are very easy to install.

    • You simply unscrew the old one and screw the new one in. This can normally be done by hand.

    • The new, replacement pressure relief valve should last you for many, many years.