Poppet Valve: (Ball-Lock / Cornelius, A.E.B.) (Pin-Lock / Firestone)

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Product Description

    • This is a replacement poppet valve that fits: All A.E.B | Firestone Type A | Firestone Type R | John Wood Type RA | John Wood Type RC.

    • It fits both the gas side and the liquid side.

    • Poppet valves are little, spring-load assemblies that are in the center of the soda keg's tank plugs.

    • They are depressed when you attach your gas line and beer line to the soda keg.

    • If you have a leak at the one of the soda keg's post, the poppet valve is usually going to be the reason why.

    • This makes since because they are the only moving part of the post.

    • Poppet valves are easy to install.

    • Unscrew the tank plug from the soda keg and you will see the poppet valve lodged inside the tank plug.

    • Just pull it out and put the new one in and screw it back on the post.

  • Please compare your poppet valve to the one pictured to make sure you are ordering the correct one.