Polar Ware: False Bottom / Stainless Steel / 14" Diameter

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Product Description

  • Made of entirely of gauge 18-8 stainless steel.

  • Can be used when mashing grains or boiling a wort.

  • Allows you to effectively filter out grains during a mash.

  • Designed specifically for the Polar Ware 42 quart brew pot.

  • Fits nice and snug against the walls of the brew pot.

  • Three U-shaped feet raise the false bottom 2-1/2 inches from the bottom. Higher than the valve opening.

  • Also has a stainless steel handle for easy removal.

  • Holes are 3/32" in diameter on 5/32" centers.

  • Open draining area is approximately 33%.

  • 14" in diameter.

  • Made by Polar Ware in the U.S.A.