Plate Wort Chiller: Shirron

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Product Description

(TMP560) The Shirron Plate Chiller is similar to those used in a professional brewery. Consisting of 10 plates of 316 Stainless Steel, with pure copper sheets that have been inserted in between each plate and heated in a furnace which melts the copper. This process makes a water tight seal in between each plate. Each chiller has been pressure tested. This plate chiller has 1/2" NPT threaded male hookups for the wort, and male Garden Hose fittings for the chilling and waste water. The Shirron plate chiller has been successful at cooling wort to yeast pitching temperature at a rate of 1 gallon per minute on average. This will allow you to go straight from boil pot to fermenter in many cases. Chiller is easy to sanitize, you can soak the unit for 1 hour prior to use in a typical sanitizing solution. You can also boil the unit in water or place in the oven to sanitize. When finished using back flush the chiller unit and drain all liquid before storing.