Oak Wood Extractives

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Product Description

ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: [WD410] Add Oak Wood Extractives to your wines and instantly turn them into barrel-aged works of art. Oak Wood Extractives simulate the aging effects that time in a barrel can have on a wine. It smoothes out the wine's flavor by subduing the harsh characters associated with younger wines. It also introduces an irresistible blend of toasted, oak barrel flavors ranging from coconut to vanilla. Very easy to use; just add to taste. Comes with directions.

DIRECTIONS: Before adding Oak Wood Extractives to any wine, verify with a hydrometer that its fermentation has completed. The wine should be clear and moved off of any sediment into a clean container and ready to bottle. Add the Oak Wood Extractive directly to the wine. It is important that it is blended into the wine thoroughly.

DOSAGE: Add to taste. Use approximately 1 to 2 tablespoons of Oak Wood Extractive to each gallon of wine. You may want to take a measured sample of the wine and add measured amounts of Oak Wood Extractive to the sample to establish a dosage that is to your liking.

MAXIMUM DOSAGE: Total dosage should not exceed 4 tablespoon per gallon of wine.

EACH 4 OUNCE BOTTLE: is sufficient for treating between 4 and 8 gallons of wine.

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol, propylene glycol and a proprietary blend of oak wood extractives.





Q Steve (Westminster, CO)
When do I add the oakwood extractives?
A CustomerService@ECKraus.com
You add them at bottling time to taste.

Q Colby (Atlanta,GA)
What type of oak is the Oakwood Extractives made from?
A CustomerService@ECKraus.com
The Oakwood Extractive is made from American Oak.