Mixing Paddle: Stainless Steel / 36" Long

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Product Description

  • This is a commercial-quality mixing paddle.

  • Designed to handle heavy use. Nearly indestructible.

  • It's the ideal size for stirring batches 20 gallons and up.

  • This mixing paddle works equally well for stirring both wine musts and beer worts.

  • It features a hollow handle that won't heat up, even in boiling temperatures.

  • Completely constructed of food-grade, 201 stainless-steel. Very corrosion resistant.

  • Does not absorb and transfer flavors like mixing paddles made from wood and some other metals.

  • The stainless-steel is also very easy to clean and sanitize.

  • Total Length: 36" Long

  • Paddle Dimensions: 4.75" Wide, 7.50" Long.

  • Handle Diameter: 15/16"