Loose Leaf Hops: Columbus / US / 1 oz.

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Product Description

(HPL141) The US Columbus hop was primarily bred for its insanely high alpha acid content. But more recently, it has become widely used for both bittering and aroma. US Columbus hops will add a well structured bitterness to a beer. Its flavor is very clean with some rich, woody overtones, topped off with a touch a citrus. The aroma is deep and earthy with some spiciness. As you might have guessed by now, the US Columbus hop is a big hop that can handle big beers. It is continuously used in American IPAs and American Pale Ales. You will also find it called for in many American Stout and Barley Wine beer recipes. And don't be surprised if you find US Columbus hops pulling double-duty as a dry hop. The best substitutes for this hop would be US Tomahawk and US Zeus which are both said to be identical, but beyond these US Nugget or US Chinook would make reasonable substitution.

  • Alpha Acid 14-16%
  • Sometimes referred to as the big beer hop
  • Big alpha hop that works well for bittering and finishing


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