Loose Leaf Hops: Citra / US / 1 oz.

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Product Description

(HPL135) US Citra hops is a relatively new hop variety, showing up on market in 2008. It's flavor is primarily that of citrus with some grapefruit and gooseberry. However, it's aroma is much more complex. Many layered, tropical fruit aromas can be discerned from melon to mango in addition to the crisp aromas of lemon and lime. US Citra hops are an excellent choice for any hop-forward homebrew. The combination of complex characters and high alpha content makes it a prime candidate for Stong Ales, IPAs... any beer where the hops are to be showcased.

  • Alpha Acid 10-12%
  • Citrus flavors with a hint of grapefruit aroma
  • A candidate for any beer where the hops are showcased


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