Jumbo Flow Control Hose Clamp

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Product Description

(RK145) Has a 15 position controlled ratchet that will adjust the rate of flow through a hose with great precision. Or, stop the flow altogether. Adjustment can all be done with one hand. Very convenient. Can be used with the 3/8 inch vinyl hose or larger.




Q Amy (Poplar Bluff, MO)
Will the Jumbo Flow Control Hose Clamp work with the 1/2 inch vinyl siphon hose?
A CustomerService@ECKraus.com
Yes, it will.

Q Donna (Springdale, AR)
Can you tell me what the largest size hose you can use with the Jumbo Flow Control Hose Clamp is?
A CustomerService@ECKraus.com
The largest hose the Jumbo Flow Control Hose Clamp will take is one with a 1/2 inch inside diameter.