Immersion Wort Chiller: 3/8 Inch O.D. | 25 Feet | 8-3/4 Inch Coil

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Product Description

  • Wort chiller can cool up to 10 gallons of beer (wort) from boiling to yeast pitching temperature in approx 20 minutes.

  • Cooling your wort down faster not only saves time, it allows less time for your beer to become infected and oxidized from excessive air exposure.

  • Run cold tap water through the copper tubing while the immersion wort chiller is submerged in your wort.

  • Heat quickly transfers from the wort to the flowing water within the copper tubing and runs back to your sinks drain.

  • 100% American made 3/8" copper tubing is 25 feet in length. Perfect size for cooling up to 10 gallons of beer (wort).

  • Comes with two lengths of 3/8" ID vinyl hose to reach back and forth from the brew pot to the sink.

  • Each hose is 6 feet in length.

  • Wort chillers overall dimensions are 8 3/4" coil diameter, 4" coil height and 13 1/2" inlet/outlet height.

  • Also has a brass, garden hose fitting to thread onto a laundry sink faucet or outside faucet.

  • See faucet adapter below for attaching to most American kitchen faucets.