Fridge Monkey: Bottle Stacking Mat

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Product Description

[DC780] Here's an ingenious way to stop your precious homebrew from rolling all over the refrigerator. It's the Fridge Monkey! This smartly designed stacking mat has ridges that perfectly nestles your bottles of brew into place. Easily stacks up to 10 bottles of homebrew or 10 cans of beer or any combination of the two. The Fridge Monkey will even stack up to 5 bottles of wine! It's better than a bottle rack. The Fridge Monkey maximizes space by allowing you to stack your beers in a pyramid fashion. And when there's no beer to stack, the Fridge Monkey stays out of your. The Fridge Monkey doesn't take up space, unlike typical bottle or can racks. Made of flexible synthetic rubber (TPE), the Fridge Monkey doesn't slide around. And, it's dishwasher-safe. It's the perfect item to restore order to your fridge!


    • Overall Dimensions: 9.75" Wide, 3.8" Deep, 0.4" Tall