Ferrari Thermocapsuler: PVC Capsule Heat Shrinker

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[HS710] This PVC capsule heat shrinker is designed specifically for applying, PVC capsules to the neck or your wine bottles. It's perfect for the avid home winemaker or small winery. It's safe and easy to use and takes the place of dipping the neck of your wine bottles in boiling water to shrink the neck capsules. The PVC capsule heat shrinker works much quicker. This horizontal bench-top model will evenly shrink a capsule to your wine bottle in about 1-2 second. No wrinkles. It uses an electric coil heating element. Just place the heat-shrink capsule over the neck of the wine bottle. Then slide the wine bottle up the trough until the neck of the wine bottle is in the center of the heating coils. Wait 1 or 2 seconds and slide the wine bottle back down the trough. It's that quick and that easy! Adjusts to any size bottle. Solid construction. Made by Farrari of Italy. The PVC capsule heat shrinker shroud is stainless-steel. the rest of the body is made of painted metal. Runs on 110V electric. Has a 6 foot cord and illuminated on/off switch.