Fermentis Beer Yeast: Saflager W-34/70

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Product Description

  • This is the world-famous, German Weihenstephan lager yeast.

  • Used widely in the brewing industry for a wide range of lagers and pilsens.

  • Known for producing very malty and clean German lager with plenty of body.

  • Possibly Bohemian in origin.

  • Should use 2 packs for 5 to 8 gallons.

  • Ideal For Making: Pilsners, Light Munichs, Vienna, Marzenbier, Bocks, Oktoberfest and others.

  • About Fermentis Beer Yeast: Fermentis produces high-performing dried beer yeast strains that make excellent alternatives to liquid beer yeast. Fermentis has 7 different strains to choose from. Each one collected from notable brewing regions. They are prepared and packaged with the home brewer in mind. They start rapidly, and ferment cleanly all the way through to completion. Each packet is enough to ferment 5 to 8 gallons. For lagers use 2 packets. Each one is hermetically sealed and packed with nitrogen for freshness.