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Product Description

[SCL130] The Estilo dial scale from Escali is both durable and economical. The removable bowl is food-grade and dishwasher-safe, and will allow you to weigh both liquid and dry ingredients. This makes it a great, all-around scale for the home wine or beer maker. Use it to weigh: fruit, sugar, malt extract and other common ingredients. The dial scale has a maximim capacity of 6.5 lbs (3 kg) and gives read-out in 1 ounce or 25 gram incriments. It also has a no-glare, dial read-out with big numbers that are easy-to-see. The built-in tare feature allows you to subtract the containers weight to weigh what's actually in the container. Invert the bowl, and it acts as a protective cover between uses. No battaries required. Dimensions: 7.9" L x 7.9" W x 4.25" H.