Escali: Digital Probe Thermometer

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Product Description

This digital probe thermometer works great for monitoring your fermentation temperatures. Get the most accurate temperature reading by placing the probe directly into the the liquid during fermentation.

Works the same way for monitoring mash temperatures when brewing beer. Put the probe directly into the mash to track resting temperatures.

The large, easy-to-read panel continuously displays the current temperature for quick peeks while doing something else. Has a magnetic back to attach to an appliance. Also, has a sturdy kick-stand for table-top use.

Don't want to stand around waiting for mash temperatures to be reached? Use the temperature alarm function to alert you when the target temperature you set is reached.

The temperature probe is 7" long and made of durable stainless-steel.

The probe has a 40" cord made of heat-resistant silicon. It's safe to use in high-temperatures.

This digital probe thermometer reads from 32-392°F (-20 to 200°C).

Comes with 1 AAA battery.

Dimensions: Height: 2.25" | Width: 3.125" | Depth: .5"

2-year manufacturer's warranty