Electronic Temperature Controller: Johnson Controls / Series A419

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Product Description

(TMP210) Ideal for keeping the temperature controlled during fermentation, the Johnson Digital Temperature Controller overrides the internal thermostat, keeping the temperature exactly where you set it in either a heater or freezer. A must for homebrewers wanting more control over fermentation. Easy installation, just plug the controller into an outlet, then plug your appliance into the controller.

  • Used to heat or cool a fermentation environment.

  • Will allow you to convert your chest type freezers into a home draft dispensing system.

  • Can be used with a heater to activate when temperature falls to low.

  • Sensor probe monitors the inside temperature while easy to read LCD displays on the outside.

  • Sensor probe cable is approx 6ft long.

  • Create the perfect temperature for doing true Lagering.

  • No special wiring needed.

  • 6ft extension cord with plug and 6ft lead plug.

  • Adjustable -30F to 212F.

  • Adjustable in 1 deg increments.

  • Produced by Johnson Controls #A419ABC-3C.