De-Stemmer Catch Stand

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Product Description

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ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: [FP160] This enamel painted Destemmer Catch Stand acts as both a collector and a stand for our Marchisio Crusher & Destemmer, item number FP170 and our Motorized Marchisio Crusher & Destemmer, item number FP180. It has a chute that is specifically designed for collecting the pulp as it falls from these destemmers. The Catch Stand provides a convenient, waste-free way for getting the pulp and juice into the fermenter.

QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Marchisio S.p.A. of Italy is a recognized world leader of winery equipment since 1950. The quality of their products are considered second-to-none.


  • The chute is made of heavy-guage steel.
  • The legs and frame are made of enamel-painted steel.
  • The total height of the Catch Stand is 31".
  • It`s total width 36" and its depth is 15-3/4" at the top.
  • Total width at the bottom lip of the shoot is 8".
  • Clearance from bottom of chute to ground is 20-1/2".