Cornelius-Style Keg: 5 Gallons / Ball-Lock / New

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Product Description

  • This 5 Gallon ball-lock, Cornelius-style kegs is also know as a "corny kegs" or "soda kegs".

  • You can use it when carbonating, storing and dispensing your home brew beer, cider or soda pop.

  • It is a brand new kegs. Never been used.

  • No need to clean or remove ugly stickers.

  • No worries about leaks and loosing all your CO2.

  • Cornelius-style canisters are a very efficient way of storing and dispensing your home brew.

  • You can even store your beer in them without tapping on them for months.

  • Very easy to clean between uses. Has a large hatch-type opening in the top that will fit your hand, brushed, etc.

  • These kegs are commercial-grade and made of 304 stainless-steel.

  • They have a handy stainless-steel strap handle on top for easy carrying.

  • They also have a very nice molded rubber base.

  • The Cornelius-style kegs also have a manual pressure relief valve that allows you to purge CO2 from the canister.

  • Top of the line A.E.B. brand made in Italy.

  • Dimensions: 25-1/4" Tall, 8-3/8" Diameter.