Cornelius: CO2 Regulator / Triple Gauge

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Product Description

    • This triple gauge CO2 regulator allows you to run two different kegs from the same CO2 Tank.

    • Each of the kegs can be set at it's own individual pressure.

    • This is great for force carbonating one home brew while tapping on the other.

    • It also works out good for setting each commercial beer at its own dispensing pressure for optimal foam.

    • This unit has three gauges: one to indicate the pressure in the CO2 tank, and two to indicate the pressure in each keg.

    • Having a gauge on your CO2 tank is very handy. It lets you know when you're getting low on gas.

    • Each of the two outlets has its own instant shut-off lever to prevent back-flow from your kegs when changing tanks.

    • The shut-offs are equipped with 5/16" barbed stem for securely attaching your gas lines to the regulator.

    • This unit also has pressure relief valves for each keg outlet that blow off excess pressure when 55 to 65 PSI is reached.

    • Each beer keg or canister can be adjusted to a pressure of 0 to 60 PSI with the simple turn of a screw.

    • Each of the keg dial gauges read from 0 to 60 PSI. The CO2 tank dial gauge reads from 0 to 2000 PSI.

    • The unit comes with a nylon CO2 washer for securing the seal between the regulator and the tank.

    • Commercial quality. Made by Cornelius, a leading name in beverage dispensing.

  • This triple gauge CO2 regulator can be use on commercial beers, homebrewed beers and soda pops.