Clamp: Fermtech 1/2" Racking Tube

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Product Description

    • This handy item holds your racking tube in place when transferring or bottling your wine or beer.

    • It's like a third hand, helping to keep things under control.

    • Keeps your racking tube still so the sediment doesn't get stirred up.

    • Makes it much easier to leave yeast and other sediment behind while getting as much precious liquid as possible.

    • Easy to use. Just snap the Racking Tube Clamp onto your 1/2" racking tube or racking cane at the desired height and then clip it onto the rim of your fermenter.

    • Fits glass carboys, plastic carboys as well as primary fermentation buckets.

    • It has a well-designed, spring-loaded clamp that opens easily and attach tightly to your fermenter.

  • Designed to work with 1/2" O.D. racking tubes.