Brewmometer Dial Thermometer: 1/2" NPT Thread

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Product Description

  • Faceplate made specifically for home brewers.

  • Guides the brewer through the mashing process.

  • Highlights all the specific temperature ranges that are critical with doing a mash: dough-in, protein rest, starch conversion, lauter, etc.

  • Large 3" dial face makes it easy-to-read with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Clean, highly readable lettering.

  • Also makes it more accurate than other dial thermometers.

  • Reads from 60F. to 220F.

  • Fits any brew pot with 1/2" female NPT threaded coupling.

  • Can be fitted to any brew pot or mash tun with additional kit.

  • Probe is only 3" long. Long enough to be accurate, but short enough to stays out of the way when stirring.

  • Glass covered face is sealed air-tight for long life.

  • Quality instrument. Made of stainless steel.

  • Made by Blichmann Engineering.