Bottling Bucket: 6 Gallon

Item Number: BBK110
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Product Description

(BBK110) Our 6 gallon bottling bucket comes complete with a 3/8 Faucet for easy bottle filling. Rack your beer, or wine, into this bucket, attach a length of 3/8" ID tubing to the spigot, place a bottle filler on the other end, and your ready to bottle or you can bottle straight from the faucet. The large opening makes it easy to add priming sugar, fruit extract, or whatever just prior to bottling. This bottling bucket also works well for bottling wine as well as soda pops. Can also be used as an in between when transferring your wine or beers. Our Bottling buckets stands 17 1/2" tall and is 12" in diameter. This bottling bucket is made of heavy, high impact, food grade polyethylene. It is completely food/beverage safe.