Beer Nut Washer: Neoprene

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Product Description

  • It is used to create a perfect seal between a barbed tail piece and a beer shank or Sanke tap.

  • A neoprene beer nut washer is fitted inside a beer nut before it is tightened down.

  • Essentially, a neoprene washer is required inside every beer nut.

  • Also, neoprene beer nut washers will become worn, cracked and dried out.

  • This normal wear and aging at some point will start to cause you problems with beer nuts leaking.

  • No more than they cost, we recommend always having at least a couple extra neoprene washers on hand.

  • The size, shape and thickness of these neoprene beer nut washers are set to the U.S. Beer Industry standards.

  • Dimensions: outside diameter is 13/16", inside diameter 1/2", thickness is 1/8".