Basic A: No-Rinse Cleanser

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Product Description

    • This is a very effective cleaner that both sanitizes and deodorizes.

    • It will safely clean both your wine and beer making equipment.

    • Works particularly well for cleaning: bottles, fermentation vessels, air-locks, hydrometers.

    • Safe to use on any non-porous surfaces: glass, plastic, metals, ceramic.

    • Basic A is very easy to use.

    • It only requires 1 minute of contact time.

    • No rinsing is required.

    • It is very safe to use and is eco-friendly.

    • It will not leave behind any harmful residues.

    • Just allow your equipment to air-dry for 20 minutes right before using.

    • Basic A is not a chlorine cleanser.

    • It is an oxygenating agent.

    • The air-drying is when all the sanitizing is done.

    • Use 1 tablespoon per gallon of warm water.

    • It dissolves rapidly in warm water.

  • Each 8 ounces jar is sufficient for 10 gallons of solution.