Barbed Container Faucet: Fits 3/8" Hose

Item Number: FT120
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Product Description

[FT120] This versatile plastic faucet was designed specifically for the home winemaker and brewer. It works beautifully for bottling both wine and beer, or for transferring them from one container to the next. Its narrow spout fits easily into bottle openings allowing you to easily fill bottles without any mess. And the spout is also barbed so you can securely attach our 3/8" Vinyl Hose to it, making it easy to rack or transfer your wine or beer into a clean fermenter. Like any faucet, use the lever to turn the flow on and off, but unlike most faucets the barbed spout does not turn with it. It stays in position so the hose stays right where you put it, not twisting all around. Comes complete with nut and rubber washer. Very easy to install. Just place a 1 inch hole in the side of any container, about an inch above the bottom, and its ready to be attached. Hose not included.


  • Designed specifically for home winemakers and home brewers.
  • Has a narrow spout that easily fits into wine and beer bottle openings.
  • Spout is barbed for securely attaching our 3/8" Vinyl Hose.
  • Spout does not turn with on/off lever so hose does not twist all around.
  • Easy to install. Comes with nut and rubber washer.