#9 Straight Corks | First-Grade | 25 Count

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Product Description

    • These are all-natural, solid wine bottle corks.

    • They are "First-Grade" quality. This means that their density lies somewhere between our "Superior-Grade" and "Extra First-Grade" corks.

    • They provide a great balance between quality and price.

    • A great choice for someone who might want to store their wines for up to 5 or 6 years, without having to pay for the full-quality of our "Extra First-Grade."

    • Size #9 is the standard diameter wineries use to cork a 750 ml wine bottle.

    • They will fit very tight in any cork-finish wine bottle with a 3/4" barrel opening.

    • The actual dimensions are 15/16" diameter and 1-3/4" long.

    • Size #9 wine corks require a corker to press them into wine bottles. They cannot be put in by hand.

    • We suggest that you use a corker that utilized a compressing iris mechanism.

  • Comes in packages of 25.