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Product Description

Our 750 mL green wine bottles come in cases of twelve wine bottles. They are cork finish wine bottles, so you can use straight corks, tapered corks or mushroom corks to seal them. Each case of 750 mL green wine bottles holds 2-1/2 gallons. For your reference five of the 750 mL wine bottles equal one gallon. These green wine bottles are shipped only to the 48 adjoining states.



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Q Donald (Middletown, NY)
Do I need to sterilize the new out of the box bottles?
A CustomerService@ECKraus.com
Yes, the wine bottles should be sterilized, even if they`re brand-new. This can easily be done by mixing either: Campden Tablets, Sodium Metabisulfite or Potassium Metabisulfte with water as directed on their containers, to produce a sanitizing solution. Fill each bottle with 1 or 2 inches of this solution and let stand for 20 minutes. They will then be ready for wine.