6 Gallon Screw-Top Fermentation Bucket: With Spigot And Lock

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Product Description

About this Product: Our 6 gallon Screw Top Poly-Fermenter is the perfect fermentation bucket for both primary and secondary fermentations. This fermenter bucket comes with an air lock so it can be used with either the lid on or off. The lid actually screws on for a dependable, airtight seal. It also has a faucet that is designed for racking and bottling. The fermentation bucket's faucet draws away from the bottom so as to leave the sediment behind. Our 3/8” vinyl hose fits over the faucet for a mess free transfer or mess free bottling. This fermentation bucket is very handy and highly recommended.

Air Tight Seal: The lid on this fermentation bucket utilizes a rubber O-ring for a secure and reliable airtight fit. You’ll feel the rubber actually seal each time you tighten down the lid. The threaded design makes opening and closing as easy as a simple turn of the lid. No more finger pinching!

Product Details: This fermentation bucket is made of heavy, high impact, food grade polyethylene. It is completely food/beverage safe. The 6 gallon poly fermenter can be used for making both wine or beer and is 17-3/4” tall with a diameter of 12-3/4” at the top and a diameter of 10-1/2” at the bottom. An airlock is included so it can be used as either a primary or secondary fermenter. This fermentation bucket also comes with a faucet for mess free transferring and bottling and is convenient to carry due to its handle.





Q Kevin (Owatonna, MN)
Can you tell me what size stopper is used on your 6 Gallon Poly Fermenter? And do you make a liner for it?
A CustomerService@ECKraus.com
This wine making fermenter takes a size number 2 rubber stopper. And our Jumbo Size Fermentation Bag is large enough to line the entire inside of the 6 gallon fermenter.

Q John (Dixon, NM)
This fermenter has a 6 gallon capacity. Is that 6 gallons to the top or does bucket allow for foam? Also, is the spigot removable for cleaning?
A CustomerService@ECKraus.com
This wine making container is just a little over 6 gallons, not more than a pint. And the spigot can be removed for cleaning.