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Product Description

  • This is a brand new CO2 bottle, made of a high-strength, seamless aluminum alloy.

  • This makes the CO2 bottle much lighter than their steel counterpart.

  • Being made of aluminum means the tank won't rust either.

  • It has a flat bottom that makes it more stable than many other CO2 tanks.

  • The tank can be used both inside and outside of the refrigerator equally well.

  • It larger size will give you lots of uses between refills.

  • A 10 lb. CO2 tank is enough for roughly 16 to 20 batches of home brew (5 gallons) or about a dozen 1/2 barrels of commercial beer.

  • The CO2 bottles has a shut-off valve with male threads for attaching your CO2 regulator.

  • Every CO2 tank has been inspected, tested and stamped by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

  • Due to shipping restrictions all CO2 bottles are shipped empty.

  • Once you get them they can typically be filled at welding supply shops or fire safety supply.

  • Dimensions: 19-3/4" tall, 6-7/8" diameter.